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This is something that many parents don’t really ask themselves.  It isn’t that they make a conscious decision to not have their kids play all year.  It is simply that there aren’t very many options for players who might like to play all year.  In youth sports there are seasons.  By this I mean that you have baseball season, soccer season, football season, volleyball season, indoor soccer season, basketball season.  With all of these different sports being played during different seasons, most parents fall into the flow of going from sport to sport as the year progresses.  I think that this is a good thing as long as the child hasn’t decided on which sport is going to be his or her sport.  However, once the decision is made, it is essential to play year round.  Let’s say that your child has chosen soccer as his or her sport.  There  is spring season then a break during the summer, followed by fall season with another break in the winter.  These breaks are what make the difference between a good player and a great player.  Someone who is passionate about the game is going to want to fill these breaks with training sessions.  Most leagues do not offer any options during summer or winter breaks.  This is where it falls on you as the parent to find situations that are going to allow your player to continue to hone his or her skills while everyone else is sitting on the couch at home.



  1. Soccer Camps

Soccer camps are one of the best ways to keep you player in a competitive and fun environment.  At KGS Academy we soccer camps through out the summer as well as a camps over Christmas break and Spring Break.  We put all of our campers through various sessions of skills training followed by small games where they can showcase their new skills.


  1. Private Training

Private training is the single most effective way to improve your child’s skills and understanding of the game.  The most important issue here is choosing a coach that knows what he or she is talking about.  There are countless coaches out there that will offer private training, but not all of them have the knowledge or expertise to teach your child how to improve.  In private sessions the idea is that each player gets careful attention, and because of this the coach is able to fix bad habits and make sure that no future bad habits are formed.  A coach should be teaching your child proper technique when it comes to all aspects of the game.  Too many coaches claim that they know how to do this when the reality is that very few have played soccer at the highest level or coached at a high level.  In my opinion it is impossible to critique a player’s technique when you as a coach never mastered it yourself.  KGS Academy prides itself on its staff.  Every coach that gives private sessions has played either professional soccer or starred at a Division 1 university.


In conclusion, there are many options available to your child should he or she choose soccer as his or her sport.  As a parent there is plenty of research to be done to identify which situation is going to best fit your child but know that there are ways to develop skills to give them an edge over the competition.