Busch_0KGS Goalkeeping redefines the coaching of the goalkeeper of all ages and skill levels with specialized coaching for goalkeepers. We approach the game from the goalkeepers’ perspective. We know what it is like to work in the confines of the penalty box. In addition, we are here to help coaches to understand the goalkeeper position, which will enable them to provide better coaching for their goalkeepers on a daily basis.  The KGS Goalkeeping Staff has played and coached at the highest level of competition, but our main attribute is that we are goalkeepers and we understand what it means to be a goalkeeper and strive to be the leader in the penalty area.

Areas Covered:

    • Basic handling techniques
    • Diving – speed, technique, body shape
    • Attacking crosses-catching, punching
    • Distribution
    • Organizing a defense
    • Closing down angles
    • Kicking
    • Improving reaction time
    • Footwork and collapse diving
    • Power diving
    • Breakaways


The list is endless, but hopefully now you have some idea of how complex the role of goalkeeper really is and it is now our job to take all of you to the next level.


$200 per month.


This program is designed for goalkeepers 9 years old and older.