KGS Micro Academy stands in a class of its own when it comes to teaching toddlers soccer. The Micro Academy is a complete soccer-based child development program that caters specifically to ages 2.5 through 5. What makes us different from the other programs out there? All of our coaches are parents of toddlers as well as lifelong soccer players at the highest level.  We know what it takes to have fun and instill an early love of the game. We realize this is a very specific age group to teach and through trial and error we have systematically developed a proprietary program for toddlers that we feel strikes a perfect balance between learning the basics of soccer and having fun.

Academy director Kelly Gray, a former professional soccer player and current member of the San Jose Earthquakes staff, brings a fresh perspective to the game. Any parent knows that a toddler needs constant stimulation and activity.  In this affordable class you will find this and more. Basic motor skills are the key to any physical movement, whether it is soccer or swimming, and our trained instructors have developed a field-tested and age-appropriate curriculum for the Micro Academy.


The toddler classes are a creative mix of the fundamentals of soccer and play based activities and games to keep your tot engaged.  We know this is a critical time to build self-confidence in your child so using our personal experience as both parents and coaches we have created a high-energy program designed to encourage good sportsmanship and a love for not just soccer, but all sports.

The KGS staff’s positive energy and non-competitive approach come together to create a truly unique and enjoyable soccer experience for both children and parents. What are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start playing the most popular game on earth!


Live Oak Manor
210 Carlton Avenue
Los Gatos, California 95032


All sessions will take place on Saturday starting March 2th:

10-10:30am    Session 1 (ages 2.5-3.5)
10:30-11am    Session 2 (ages 3.5-5)


KGS Micro Academy is $50 per month.