KGS Academy Programs


KGS Academy offers a number of different programs for players of all ages and abilities.  Our goal is to help each player to develop their technical skills at a pace that is right for them.  Through our professional playing and coaching experience the KGS Academy Technical Staff has put together a curriculum that has proven to help each player realize their full potential.  Below is a short description of each:

KGS Skill School

The KGS Skills program is a program designed for individuals and small groups to help develop a players technical skills.  Each session is designed to maximize the amount of touches that each player is getting.  This translates to each player becoming much more comfortable with the ball at their feet.  As sessions progress players are put into situations where game like pressure is provided.  This helps make all of the movements and technique they have learned become instinctual.

KGS Striker Academy

KGS Striker Academy is an exclusive training group for players that are pushing to get themselves to the next level.  It is designed for strikers and each session focuses on a different aspect of shooting.  Sessions are once a week and last one hour each.  Each player will learn the proper technique for striking a ball with various parts of their foot, from various angles, and learn how to create the space needed to get a shot off.  Each week will focus on a different aspect of play and each player will be closely monitored to make sure they perform each movement correctly.  We believe that repetition and as many touches on the ball as possible, combined with the proper technique will help each player to reach their fullest potential as fast as possible.

KGS Goalkeeping

KGS Goalkeeping redefines the coaching of the goalkeeper of all ages and skill levels with specialized coaching for goalkeepers. We approach the game from the goalkeepers’ perspective. We know what it is like to work in the confines of the penalty box. In addition, we are here to help coaches to understand the goalkeeper position, which will enable them to provide better coaching for their goalkeepers on a daily basis.  The KGS Goalkeeping Staff has played and coached at the highest level of competition, but our main attribute is that we are goalkeepers and we understand what it means to be a goalkeeper and strive to be the leader in the penalty area.

KGS Camps & Clinics

KGS Academy Camps & Clinics offer quality professional soccer training to children of all ages. We focus on development, helping children learn the right way right from the beginning. We teach the little things that will make them stronger players—how to strike a ball, accurately pass, and defend effectively. We pride ourselves on improving your child’s game no matter what his or her skill level when coming to camp. All players are offered an exceptional camp experience in a fun, positive and safe environment. Our coaches are hand selected for their knowledge and experience at top levels of soccer including the professional and collegiate ranks and their ability to relate well with kids. We are dedicated to developing your child’s technical and tactical soccer ability all while he or she is having fun! We love the game of soccer, and we want your child to love it too.

KGS Academy After School Programs

KGS Academy partners with different schools to provide professional coaching in soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  Our coaches provide weekly training sessions directly after school teaching players the different technical skills needed to be successful at the next level.  Each session players are challenged with new training techniques and drills, and more important than anything, each player will have an extreme amount of fun.